Sunday, April 3, 2011

Youngest child to the North Pole?

Not sure yet, but Alexandre Laurent, 16, is sure getting ready... in Paris. He flew from London (where he is at Sidcot School) yesterday and is planning to join his adults team mates in Oslo on April 5. Alexandre is excited to be a full member of the Pax Arctica team and told me today: “my teachers at Sidcot School in England are very supportive, my friends are either envious or thinking they would not be capable, and my little brother Julien has already asked me a hundred questions about what’s up there.” Although not a competition (the Pax Arctica experience is about observing climate changes affecting the polar regions and reporting about them), as Alexandre says "it would be cool to be the youngest kid to ever reach the North Pole by ski". But first we all have to work hard to get there...

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